Must see attractions in Berlin

Berlin is a city that you could visit year after year and never see the same thing twice. It’s a huge epicenter of culture, entertainment and tourism. But amid all that glitz and excitement, there are many attractions that are such a part of the city that they seem to be part of the natural landscape – until you actually take a step back, slow down and look.

The amazing sights in Berlin are numerous and breathtaking, and they are not to be missed, whether it’s your first time or your 15th, you’ll find a view that you haven’t seen before – and aren’t likely to see anything that even compares anywhere else in the world.

Here are a few of the can’t-miss attractions in Berlin:

  • Reichstag Building – This building is the home of Germany’s parliament, but it is also quite beautiful. It has a massive glass dome on the roof – the subject of much debate when it was initially installed – which now stands in beauty and majesty above the city. Tourists may visit this political building either with or without online registration.
  • Berlin Wall – One might say that taking a trip to Berlin without seeing the Berlin Wall is pointless. The wall stood for 3 decades, and it separated everything from the east and west. It is now a memorial commemorating the Cold War and all that was separate during these many years. The city is constantly aware of its fierce fight for unity because of the Berlin Wall.
  • Museum Island – Museum Island is actually a collection of five museums. As a World Heritage Site, Museum Island holds works of art, sculptures, and many other treasures of national and world significance. Archaeology is another main focus of these museums, as well as architecture from at least five different styles throughout the ages.
  • Brandenburg Gate – Perhaps one of the most well-known attractions in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is a sight that every visitor simply must see. Once a physical separation between the East and West, the gate is now a symbolic representation of peace and unity among all the people of Berlin.
  • Spree – The Spree River flows through several German states, and much of the country can be seen from it. Many activities are available along the Spree, including bicycle tours and boat tours. Visitors can also enjoy the river and surrounding forest on their own.
  • Pergamon Museum – This museum is one of the five that constitute Museum Island, and experts say that if you’re only going to see one, this is it. Pergamom Museum houses archaeological artifacts from thousands of years ago, windows to the past that help visitors explore their own heritage and that of cultures very different from their own.
  • Charlottenburg Palace – This majestic palace rises high above the city and is reminiscent of many different time periods because of the decades of royals who have inhabited the sacred halls. The architecture and décor have been left alone as much as possible.
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