Great ways to get around in Germany

Getting to Germany isn’t much of a problem. Many flights come in to Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin every day, not to mention smaller airports all around the country. But once you arrive, you’ll need a way to get around. You have a few options for seeing the country.

You can choose one listed below, or you can use a combination of travel methods depending on whether you are traveling between cities or within one German city.

Between Cities

By far, one of the best and most affordable ways to get around Germany is the public transportation system. Trains connect most of the large cities in Germany. Day passes or multi-day tickets are available, so you never have to worry about transportation between cities when you take the train. You can buy train tickets online or over the phone, and those who book early can get some really amazing deals.

Buses and the tram system are both very popular locals and tourists alike. They run on set schedules each day, evening and weekend, so you won’t run into problems getting where you’re going on time. Bus tickets are also valid for the S-Bahn (keep reading to find out more). Even cities that are considered average in size have very good bus systems for your convenience.

There are also suburban trains, the S-Bahn, which do not run quite as often, but they are just as reliable as the bus system. They are much faster than the bus system, and they cover much more area than the buses or trams. The S-Bahn is generally considered a commuter train, but it handles tourist traffic as well. And as mentioned above, regular bus tickets are valid on the S-Bahn as well.

Within Cities

Within the cities, you can choose to travel by bicycle like many of the locals. They primarily ride bikes when running errands and doing other daily chores, and for this reason, many cities in Germany have bicycle lanes especially for this purpose.

You could also hire a car, but this is considered a last resort by many, since taxis and car services are more expensive and no more reliable than the excellent public transportation system in Germany. However, taxis and car services such as Uber are nice if you need to be picked up from a specific location at a certain time, and they are considered much nicer than public transportation.

Ride-share programs are also present in areas where public transportation is not readily available. Getting a ride with a stranger is not always advisable, but it is safer if you employ the use of websites and apps designed specifically for this purpose.

The underground subway system, called the U-Bahn, is an advised form of travel within the cities. It’s extremely fast, and you can buy tickets from vending machines just before you board, although all tickets must be validated, so allow yourself some time. Routes are posted in conspicuous locations all over cities that have U-Bahn services, whether the service is full or limited.

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