Best time to travel in Germany

Germany is a surprisingly popular tourist destination for Europeans, Americans and visitors from all over the world. You’d be surprised to learn how many fun, educational and interesting things there are to do in Germany for many months out of the year.

As far as deciding a best time to travel in Germany, it will really depend on what type of vacation you are planning. If you travel in the late Spring, you won’t need to worry at all about air conditioning.


Summer is by far the best time to travel in Germany. The weather is cooperative, with a sunny, warm climate, and there is a lot of sunlight each day to accommodate all your outdoor activities. June, July and August are the most popular months to visit Germany, but consider yourself warned that travel prices – airfare and hotel – will be higher during this time of year.

There are tons of local and national celebrations during the summer months. Harbor cities have their own types of celebrations, with all types of events and attractions that celebrate the water. You can also enjoy traditional celebrations consisting of fireworks, concerts, fair-type rides, and, of course, food and beer, all throughout the summer months.


May is a beautiful month in Germany as well. The winter rains subside, giving tourists their first opportunity to explore Germany. From March to May, the daily lows rise from a chilly 33° to 47°, and the daytime highs will reach 67° in later spring – perfect weather to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities.

Easter is a very popular German holiday, so if you visit during this time you will get to see time-honored German traditions, such as egg hunts, egg dying and spring fairs – that have been adopted by many other countries. There are also several popular music festivals during the spring, when winter temperatures finally fade away.


If you know one thing about famous German events, you know about Oktoberfest! Millions of people visit Germany each year to enjoy food, drink and an amazing show of fall foliage. Germany celebrates its culture during October, and many people claim that this is the best time to travel in Germany.

Although Oktoberfest is in full swing, rates for airfare and hotels dips in the fall, especially if you make your travel plans early.

September is the last chance to visit Germany without the threat of snow, ice or fog ruining your plans for outdoor activities or hindering your travel. You’ll probably need a coat during this time of year, but then again, you might experience Germany’s unusually warm ‘Indian Summer’ if you visit during fall.

And if your travel plans fall just at the end of fall, prepare to see the beginning of Germany’s Christmas preparations in November, when many of the seasonal markets open.


Traveling in Germany during the winter is not readily advised because the winter months can be particularly severe. Certain parts of the country receive heavy snowfall, and the entire country endures a steady stream of thick fog and chilly rain for most of the winter.

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