Great ways to get around in Germany

Getting to Germany isn’t much of a problem. Many flights come in to Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin every day, not to mention smaller airports all around the country. But once you arrive, you’ll need a way to get around. You have a few options for seeing the country.

You can choose one listed below, or you can use a combination of travel methods depending on whether you are traveling between cities or within one German city. Continue reading “Great ways to get around in Germany”

4 amazing public parks in Germany

Germany is known for its historical significance and the ancient architecture that stands proudly throughout the country, but there are public parks all over Germany which attract locals and tourists alike.

These public parks and gardens offer the opportunity to relax on the beautifully landscaped grounds or to participate in any number of outdoor activities. Below, we’ve listed a few of the ones that you absolutely have to see on your visit to Germany. Amazing trees, beautiful gardens and great water ponds are a few of the things you will encounter at the parks. Continue reading “4 amazing public parks in Germany”

Best time to travel in Germany

Germany is a surprisingly popular tourist destination for Europeans, Americans and visitors from all over the world. You’d be surprised to learn how many fun, educational and interesting things there are to do in Germany for many months out of the year.

As far as deciding a best time to travel in Germany, it will really depend on what type of vacation you are planning. If you travel in the late Spring, you won’t need to worry at all about air conditioning. Continue reading “Best time to travel in Germany”

Must see attractions in Berlin

Berlin is a city that you could visit year after year and never see the same thing twice. It’s a huge epicenter of culture, entertainment and tourism. But amid all that glitz and excitement, there are many attractions that are such a part of the city that they seem to be part of the natural landscape – until you actually take a step back, slow down and look.

The amazing sights in Berlin are numerous and breathtaking, and they are not to be missed, whether it’s your first time or your 15th, you’ll find a view that you haven’t seen before – and aren’t likely to see anything that even compares anywhere else in the world. Continue reading “Must see attractions in Berlin”

3 great German destination locations

Germany has some of the oldest cities in the world with history that runs deep and stretches worldwide in its influence. German cities are becoming popular tourist destinations because of this history and because they are simply beautiful places.

Beautiful rivers and the majestic Alps are major attractions for many people, while the exciting, modern nightlife draw others to Germany each year. Keep reading to find out 3 great places to visit in Germany. Continue reading “3 great German destination locations”